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Saichang Xu, Principal Attorney - sxu@xyzlaw.net


  • Ms. Saichang Xu is the principal attorney at Law Offices of Saichang Xu. Her practice areas include real estate law, business and corporate law, estate planning, trade remedy litigation and import/export compliance. 
  • Ms. Xu represents importers, exporters and foreign exporters in Customs matters and antidumping duty and countervailing duty investigations, reviews and scope ruling proceedings before various government agencies and in subsequent court litigation. She advises clients on a broad range of customs and international trade compliance matters. Ms. Xu also represents clients in selling and purchasing residential and commercial real estates, business assets, corporate shares and LLC member interests. Ms. Xu and helps young families, business owners, people approaching retirement and people with special needs make estate planning.  Her clients include homeowners, real estate investors, business owners in various industries in the greater Chicago area, importers and exporters around the nation and Chinese companies involved in U.S.-China trade and investment. 
  • With legal education and experience in the U.S., China and Singapore, Ms. Xu offers valuable skills to provide effective service to the Chinese American community in the greater Chicagoland and U.S.-China importer/exporters and investors. Ms. Xu works as part time general counsel for a few small to mid-sized companies and serves as director of board or legal counsel for several non-for-profit organizations in the Chinese American community. To give back to the community, Ms. Xu also actively volunteer and sponsor in various events in the Chinese American community to promote Chinese culture and cross-culture understanding, to improve Chinese language education, to encourage Chinese American’s participation in politics and to help the poor. 
  • Ms. Xu received her LLB degree from Zhejiang University Chu Kechen Honor College in China in 2004, her LLM in Intellectual Property and Technology Law degree from National University of Singapore in 2005 and her J.D. degree from Kansas University School of Law in 2010. 


 Antidumping & Countervailing Duty Experience  

  • Industries
  • Plastic products, Chemical, Steel, medal products, paper, food, wood products 
  • Countries
  • China, Japan, Italy, India 
  • Products
  • pneumatic off-the-road tires, pet films, potassium permanganate, HEDP, boltless steel shelving, kitchen appliance shelving and racks, bearings, tapered roller bearings, carbon steel flat products, drawn stainless steel sinks, steel pipes, steel tool chest, steel nails, diamond sawblades, pure magnesium, magnesium medal, frontseating service valves, aluminum extrusions, hand trucks, lined paper products, wooden pasta, bedroom furniture, wood flooring products.
  • Sample Recent Representation
  • New Pneumatic Off-the-road tires from China AD review, Client’s Rate: 11.87% which is the second lowest rate comparing to other companies’ rates in four years (vary from 11.34% to 79.86% (11.34%, 33.08%, 65.33%,79.86%);
  • Potassium Permanganate from China, Client rate: 0%;
  • Frontseating Service Valve from China, Client’s rates for the four years before the Petitioner gave up were 0%, 3.88%, 0%, 0%;
  • Kitchen Appliance Shelving and Racks from China, petitioner stopped requesting review of our client after we obtained 0% rate for our client in three consecutive years; 
  • Pure Magnesium from China; client’s rates: 0%, 0.03% (decreasing from the preliminary result rate of 339.6%), 
  • Lined Paper from India countervailing duty administrative review, client’s rate: 6.56%; 
  • Certain Pasta from Italy, Client’s ADD rate: 12.9%, CVD rate: 0.26%; 
  • Advising and representing various foreign exporters and U.S. importers in Customs protest and ADD/CVD scope matters successfully excluded clients’ products from ADD/CVD orders. 

Speaking Engagements

  • U.S. Antidumping Duty and Countervailing Duty Leal Practice and Customs Compliance,” presented in Cross-border Investment and Trade Legal Forum,” Fuzhou, China, December, 2016
  • “U.S. –China Trade Disputes —— Challenges and Opportunities,” presented in “Cross-border Investment and Trade Legal Forum” Zhengzhou, Dalian, September, 2016
  • “U.S. Antidumping Duty and Countervailing Duty Practice Introduction,” “Investment and Trade in the U.S. Legal Practice Seminar”, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Pingyang, China, April 2016
  • ​“U.S. Control on Technology Export Practice Review,” “Investment in the U.S. Forum,” Shanghai, December, 2015​